Rebekka for Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell
Rebekka had been booked as hair model  for this year's "Paul Mitchell The Gathering 2018" in Las Vegas.

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Creating Arts Company: Rebekka is a new Guest Ensemble Member

Creating Arts
Rebekka has passed the test: She is part of the guest ensemble of the Theatre Group Creating Arts in Los Angeles.  The actress had been seen in musical productions as "Snowqueen" , "Sleepy" in "Snow White" and  robot "D3R3" in "Space Quest" at the traditional theatre house The Pico  for Creating Arts in April and May. In the new run kids and young at hearts can see here in "The little Mermaid" and " The  Superhero and Princess Academy".

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Mad Decent/ Henrik- The Artist: Rebekka back to the 90s

Rebekka Mueller for Mad Decent

Valentine’s Day was the release date of  the Cascada Hommage “Everytime We Touch”. Over  10.000 clicks in only four days! For the  Norwegian Music Producer  Henrik –The Artist and the Hit Label Mad Decent ( Major Lazer, Diplo)  Berlin actress based in Beverly Hills Rebekka Mueller  did a  winking  time travel into the  music clips of the 90s.  The video was shot in  Hollywood Hills; and everything in the style of  Eurodance-Pop Heroines  and Popstar Girlies like  Blümchen, Lori Stern or Britney Spears.

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About Rebekka Mueller

Rebekka Mueller is a German-American actress from Bremerhaven with a career spanning two continents in an eclectic repertoire of feature films encompassing the distinguished German movies ‘Timebreakers,’ ’Reeperbahn,’ and ‘Death Wish Zero’ . Possessing a doe-eyed soulful sweetness and delicacy, her work is characterized by a studied, wistful precision that has become a signature of her personal craft and embodiment of versatile theatrical sensibilities. This distinctive methodology has been the basis for her recognition at the LAIFF awards when she was awarded the best actress award for her film ‘You Are Back’ in Los Angeles, as well as for her film ‘Never Forget’ that went on to receive the ‘Best Film’ award at the Spitziale Film Festival in Germany. She now resides full time in Los Angeles complementing her international performances with new American opportunities under the theatrical representation of Sharon Zagar and the Jerry Pace Agency in Beverly Hills. Her commercial representation is overseen by Annette Dominguez-O’Hair of Naturally Fit Agency in Hollywood.

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