About Rebekka Mueller

Rebekka Mueller is a German-American actress from Bremerhaven with a career spanning two continents in an eclectic repertoire of feature films encompassing the distinguished German movies 'Timebreakers,' 'Reeperbahn,' and 'Death Wish Zero' . Possessing a doe-eyed soulful sweetness and delicacy, her work is characterized by a studied, wistful precision that has become a signature of her personal craft and embodiment of versatile theatrical sensibilities. This distinctive methodology has been the basis for her recognition at the LAIFF awards when she was awarded the best actress award for her film 'You Are Back' in Los Angeles, as well as for her film 'Never Forget' that went on to receive the 'Best Film' award at the Spitziale Film Festival in Germany. She now resides full time in Los Angeles complementing her international performances with new American opportunities under the theatrical representation of Michael Zanuck and the Michael Zanuck Agency in Los Angeles. Her commercial representation is overseen by Annette Dominguez-O'Hair of Naturally Fit Agency in Hollywood. She is managed by Sharon Nixon Kelly from the American Artists Group.