Rebekka Mueller

designed by

Annika Graalfs

“Fashion is more than a lifestyle. For us it’s an attitude towards life. We are living in times in which only seconds decide whether we can turn our dreams into reality or we fail. Our expectations of clothing are therefore as challenging as the fulfillment of our daily tasks life demands of us.”
(Rebekka Mueller)

The German actress Rebekka Mueller and the German designer Annika Graalfs from Berlin, Germany created a fashion collection that is way ahead of our spirit of the times:
Great designs, high quality green fabrics and social responsibility for the flexible and fashionable cosmopolitan woman – 100 % Made in Europe.


Model: Leaving on a Jetplane
“When I’m traveling I want to have it comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that I do without style.”
(Rebekka Mueller)


Model: Stardust
“You just want to shine on public events. The style is supposed to reflect the personality of the woman who is wearing an evening gown””
(Annika Graalfs)
    At a Glance
  • High Quality Fashion
  • Green Fabrics
  • Fashionable Styles
  • Fair Wages and Working Conditions
  • 100% Made in Europe
  • Social Responsibility

Prices upon request. We love to make you an offer without obligation.


Annika Graalfs Couture

Schivelbeiner Straße 47
10439 Berlin