Premiere Film "Berühren verboten" August 25th in Berlin

Beruehren verboten

Maria needs to start over her life. As she wakes up next to her girl Anna in her tiny, messy room, she has doubts. When Anna realizes it, she tries to encourage Maria. Anna has always supported Maria to follow her plans, but now Anna is aware that Maria is about to call everything off. 

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Producer for TV Plus Productions Germany in Hollywood

TV Plus
New on board at TV Plus Productions Germany: Producer Rebekka Mueller is running the Los Angeles Office  for the renowned Production Company from Germany since June.

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About Rebekka Mueller

Rebekka Mueller is among the most successful young and upcoming actresses from Germany. She is working internationally and is starring in three movies “Timebreakers” , “Reeperbahn“ ( distributor Edel and available in stores and online on DVD and Blu-ray) and in “Death Wish Zero“ currently. She received her second international award as “Best Actress in a Leading Role“ at United International Film Festival for her portrayal of a widow in the film “You are Back” in November 2016. For the same role she won the “Best Actress” award at the LAIFF awards in November 2015. The film “Never Forget“ with her as mother received the “Best Film“ award at the Spitziale Film Festival 2015 in Espelkamp, Germany. Her portrayal as women in a bar alongside Christian Harting who was playing a supporting role in the Academy Award winning movie “Son of Saul” has won the “Best Comedy Short Award” in Denmark and made it into the top 18 from over 4.000 submitted films in the famous 99 Fire Films Award competition during Berlinale 2015 .

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