Awards: Best Actress for movie "You are Back" in Los Angeles



Rebekka Mueller won in the category "Best Actress" at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (LAIFFA) in November 2015. She was honored for her portrayal of a soldier's widow in Igor Possewnin's drama "You are Back". The LAIFFA is an IMDb  listing qualifier and internationally accepted.

It's the second award for the actress this year: Bjoern Lingner's film "Never Forget" won the "Spitziale" Film Festival in Espenkamp, Germany in the category "Best Film" on October 17th 2015. The award includes a prize money of 2.000€.
Rebekka Mueller contributed to the success by starring as the role of the “mother”.

With the LAIFFA it is her first international award she won for her extraordinary acting skills, honored in the city of movie making, she is looking up to since she can think.  She is so grateful having had the chance to work with talented director Igor Possewnin and cameraman Juri Kachadurov.  A big thank you as well to the team of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for believing in her.

The movie "You are back" will be open to the public in January 2016 as Red Line Productions is in negotiations with a recognized German institution as distributor.

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The movie "You are Back/Du bist zurück//Ты вернулся":

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