Black Tiger Pilot to be launched upcoming Monday


Black Tiger Trailer

On Monday October 19th the pilot of the upcoming series "Black Tiger" is launched on YouTube as an appetizer. This will be the start of the Ovation TV/Rockethub's creative studio crowdfunding campaign. And "Black Tiger" starts in pole position.Rebekka Mueller will be part of the main cast of this thrilling US action comic show that will bring some fresh air with a unique new story. And she packs in her luggage some partners like Annika Graalfs Couture, some talented crew members and a few more surprises. Start following the YouTube Channels, facebook pages and instagrams. Watch the trailer here.

Support the Series:

BLACK TIGER: THE WEB SERIES' CREATIVE STUDIO Crowdfunding Campaign Starts October 19th!
Ovation, cable channel in over 50 million homes, and Rockethub, one of the premier crowdfunding sites, are partnering to launch a new crowdfunding initiative with 40 campaigns, CREATIVE STUDIO. One of those campaigns will be BLACK TIGER: THE WEB SERIES. Our mission is to produce episodes of the web series that will pick up where winner of the 2014 Spirit of Comic Con Award, BLACK TIGER: HUNTER HUNTED, left off!

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