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Schneekönigin Rebekka

I grew up with the popular princesses and queens out of the fairy tales. I ran around the house singing and dreamt myself away to a far away land with magic spells, handsome princes and castles. Since December I'm with the renown German agency from Hamburg to give my love for fairy tales to little princesses-to-be and princes-to-be.

As true actress you wish for one thing:  You want to let your audience feel with you. You want to take it on a journey into another world, in which you can dive into an exciting or sometimes dramatic story.  To work for kids is a very special but thankful thing. Shining little eyes and enthusiastic little princesses and princes - what a motivation for us artists.

Since December you can book me from Berlin/Hanover (Germany) as singing Snow Queen or Rapunzel for your kids' b-day party.  Just click on or send me a mail

I published a video of a voice rehearsal just yesterday. Please check it out on


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