Filming completed: Berühren verboten


"Berühren verboten" (WT Lieben und Leben lassen) a chamber play about love and loss starring actress Denise Rech and Rebekka Mueller, in a supporting role Umit Demirbas, directed by Igor Possewnin, script and screenplay by Jonas Schoeller , photography by Dirk Rohde and produced by Salem W. Productions.

The filming of Rebekka Mueller's first produced film has been completed. The film is now in post-production.  Many thanks to the sponsors: Filmpool,, Bulkpowders, Sünner, Make-up Society Hannover, Spotlite Media,Ramada Huerth, ExornerBunte Burger, Past & Future, Feradur.

Berühren verboten
Photo by Michal Vanya

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