Filming in Oberhausen on Sunday: "Der Krankenpfleger"


Der Krankenpfleger (Science Fiction), Director: Stefan Graeser, Production: New Mainfest

Next to Christoph Bahr for Stefan Graeser I’m about to play in the feature film “Der Krankenpfleger” on Sunday. The story: Present age like we know it but don’t want to see it. Power and greed are our motivation. Everything that is not economic is to be eliminated...

The young male nurse Paul (Christoph Bahr) discovers a concentration-enhancing drug that he sells semi-legally to top managers. As two of his customers collapse in front of cameras, the hunt for him begins. Chased by the government and a drug lord, Paul becomes his greatest enemy . I will be starring as Cherry, Paul’s mistress, in director Stefan Graeser’s feature film (production: New Manifest). The filming takes place upcoming Sunday in Oberhausen, Germany. l really look forward to it….

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