Filming Timebreakers: Rebekka and the Timies



Tuesday was due date for the filming of the mystery kid's movie "Timebreakers" in Lueneburg Heath, Germany. Finally Rebekka met the German Goonies , better known as Timies. 

Alongside the kid actresses Lucy Kruse, Elisabeth Cartus and the lively pop singer Larissa Felber the filming took place in the German villages of Bomlitz and Walsrode. They all had a great time. The first photos are found in the photo gallery.

Starring: Larissa Felber, Arne Prill, Noah Tammen, Elisabeth Cartus, Lucy Kruse, Lilli Schwarze, Leni Evers Ferdinand Schönfeld, Asterx Doc Fire, Kai-Uwe Wedel, Natascha Bier, Lars Möhring, Ella Jacobs, Rebekka Mueller

Genre: Kid's movie, adventure, mystery 
Directed By: Niels Marquardt

Release Date: 2016

Crew United:

Photo by Alexander Grosse-Strangmann and

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