Never Forget is "Best Film" at Filmfestival Espenkamp "Spitziale"


"Best Film" for the Bjoern Lingner's short film "Never Forget" past October 17th in Espenkamp, Germany. Rebekka Mueller contributed to the success by starring as the role of the “mother”. For the blond Northerner it's the first award and she is more than grateful being part of this fine told short film. 

The film festival "Spitziale" in Espenkamp belongs to the significant German short film festivals,  The award includes prize money of 2.000€.


Never Forget

Director: Björn Lingner
Photography: David Rankenhohn, Clemens Majunke
Production: Blickkraft Bewegtbildkommunikation
Starring: Christian R. Meyer, Magdalena Grassl, Thorsten Dara and Rebekka Mueller


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