New Photo Shoot with Art Photo Rockstar Maxime Ballesteros


It was in mid December as we did it: Maxime Ballesteros (Sleek, Monopol, Tissue, Harper's Baazar Arabia, Louis Vuitton, Neon )  and I shot a "petit" photo spread in my new apartment in Berlin. Ballesteros' signature feature: the whole session was shot "analog". We also decided introducing my constant guardian tomcat Salem Whiteman.

The smart French photographer Maxime and I ran into each other at Cadillac Experience in Berlin.  I had been dancing through the cold on my high heels. Moreover I wasn't tired to get more or less elegant into the beautiful luxury cars. This caught his attention and we started talking.

More photos of this stunning photo shot you will find in my gallery under .... Maxime_Ballesteros_2015

About Maxime Ballesteros ( )

Maxime Ballesteros was born in Lyon, France. after studying in

ERBASE (fine art school of St Etienne), maxime graduated in 2007 with a

DNSEP (master diploma of art). His photographs have been featured in

solo and group exhibitions in France, USA, Belgium, Russia, Germany,

Great Britain and Danemark. he has been based in Berlin since 2007.

his clients and publications include:
032c, Artforum, Ayn Magazine, Bright Magazine, Les Cahiers européens de l’imaginaire, Cover, Crush Fanzine, Das Magazine, Dazed Digital, Deutsch post, Diskurs, DSTM, Esquire, Flaneur, Flaunt, Foam, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, i-D, Interview Germany, Intro, Jetzt Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Irène, Kinki Magazine, Louis Vuitton, MB! by Mercedes-Benz, Monocle, Monopol, Musikexpress, Neon (FR & DE), Nike, Novembre, Nowness, Philips, Passages Magazine, Purple Fashion Magazine, Saatchi Online, Sang Bleu, Sleek Magazine, Soho House Magazine,, Styleby, SugarHigh, Tank, Tissue Magazine, Twin, V Magazine, Vice Germany, Visions, Wire, Zeit Magazin, Zitty, Zoo Magazine, 7 For All Mankind, ...

Photographer Maxime Ballesteros has ‘provocative’ attached to his name. He captures the most intense and beautiful aspects of life – the climax of a party, sex and a fair amount of high heels and leather – in bright colours illuminated by a sharp, uncompromising flash. Originally from a small village near Lyon, Ballesteros now lives in Berlin, which he describes as “dangerous in the best way, in its freedom”. He photographs Berlin’s nightlife and his friends, though his pictures are only loosely connected to specific places and times. Playing with sexually-charged symbolism – leather, stockings, heels – his photos evoke debauched Renaissance paintings and early photographs of the decadent 20s and 80s. Creation and destruction, love and innocence, excess and debauchery – aspects fundamental to human nature – are all ever-present themes in his work.
Whatever his subject is, he manages to capture reality at its best, the perfect moment one wants to preserve forever. Ballesteros’ photographs are strong and honest statements sprinkled with only a constrasting hint of irony. Ahead of his upcoming show in Cologne, Dazed talked to Ballesteros about the perfect photo, nudity, and wandering strangers in latex bodysuits.

Anastasiia Fedorova


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