Photoshooting Sunday


Samsung NX1
Preparation time two months:  Rebekka is going to shoot a new photo spread for a customer this sunday 8th March. Photographer, cosmopolit and artist Manolo Ty and photo designer Nico Gabriel are shutter-ready. The high-class make-up and Styling comes from Avril Paul (u.a. Espirit, M.A.C. RTL) and CEO ]Make-up Society  and Alexandre Henrique (Hugo Boss). Rebekka is also going to introduce the 16 year old model Madeleine Moeller from Bremerhaven. The models will be fitted by   Annika Graalfs Couture  and Cebulla Couture.

We are going to shoot decent business and catwalk stills in part one. The second part will consits of art photos. Be prepared, we are really excited.  First results here on of course.

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