United International Film Festival: Rebekka Mueller wins “Best Leading Actress” Award


Rebekka Mueller United International Film Festival Award

Rebekka Mueller wins the “Best Leading Actress” award for her portrayal as a soldier’s widow for Igor Possewnin’s Film “You are Back ” at United International Film Festival in Los Angeles.It’s the second international award as “Best Actress” for Rebekka Mueller. She has won in the same category for “You are Back” at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards in November 2015 . The director Igor Possewnin from Berlin, historical and military advisor for Steven Spielberg’s "Bridge of Spies", "Das Adlon", "Unser Mütter, unsere Vater", has worked with the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)
for the movie. Rebekka Mueller and Igor Possewnin are invited as guests of honor at the “Day of the German Armed Forces“ upcoming year.

Under tears of joy Rebekka Mueller received the award for the “Best Leading Actress” in the name of the whole team and appealed for a peaceful and an equal togetherness.
Waiting for your sweetheart: Impatience and anticipation take it in turns. A young woman in Berlin longs for the reunion with her boyfriend who serves as a soldier abroad. With her thoughts just with him, she sets off in the metropolis to meet him, so the synopsis of the movie. “You are back” has the topic of Germany’s dealing with the tabooed fallen soldiers who are giving their lives to protect freedom in crisis areas.

The filming took place in Germany’s Capital Berlin. Redline Productions received the first filming permit for a fictional film in the German Armed Forces’ “Forest of Remembrance”.

The movie has been screened at the German Ministry of Defense (German Armed Forces) at the historical Bendlerblock  . After the website was launched the German Armed Forces scheduled an interview with Rebekka Mueller and Igor Possewnin. On May 21th an online article was launched on the official website of the German Armed Forces . The same article was printed in the “Bundeswehr Aktuell” magazine with a circulation of 45.000 readers (German Armed Forces Soldiers and German Government including chancellor Angela Merkel an Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen) per week.
The film as been watched over 25K within one week. And has been re-shared on Facebook over 500 times after the release. "You are back" is now part of the educational program of the German Armed Forces.

“You are back” can be screened at in German, English and Russian.


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